What does #bethehelpforce mean?

It means that you are doing something amazing. By choosing to volunteer you can provide vital, practical support to busy NHS staff and patients. You can be the helping hand when it’s needed most. That means more time for healthcare workers to focus on delivering the incredible work they’ve been trained to do.

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By signing up to volunteer in 2019, you are joining us on our mission to bring more volunteers to our NHS. Together, we can improve the lives of NHS staff, patients and our communities through the power of volunteering.

You’re one step from joining the campaign to #bethehelpforce

Simply fill in our form to pledge your time – a minimum of 3 hours a week for six months, or one day a month for six months. We can’t guarantee you live near a hospital that can take volunteers now, but if you tick the box to say you are happy to be kept informed of future volunteering opportunities, you will remain with us on our mission.

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If you support the campaign but can’t pledge your time now, fill in the form and only tick the box that says you want to stay in contact and be informed of future volunteering opportunities.

Alternatively, If you support our mission but can’t pledge time you are welcome to donate to the cause.

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What can I expect if I pledge my time?

By pledging today you are starting a journey.

  1. We are asking you to pledge a minimum of three hours a week for six months, or one day a month for six months, as a volunteer in 2019.
  2. Becoming a volunteer doesn’t happen overnight – the usual checks and training that take place are an important part of ensuring that volunteers are safe and reliable.
  3. When this volunteer recruitment campaign ends in the beginning of January, we will contact the hospital trusts near to your postcode. This will take some time, and you aren’t likely to hear from the hospital until the end of February 2019. Once they have contacted you it will take up to three months to run the DBS and health checks. Realistically you won’t be volunteering until April 2019, at the earliest.

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Why volunteer?

Volunteers in healthcare are a powerful force. They save time for staff, help patients at a difficult time in their lives, and go home feeling good about themselves. Volunteering can be fun, rewarding, and often life enhancing. You will learn new skills, meet new people and enjoy the satisfaction of helping brilliant NHS staff.

The best day of the week is the day you volunteer.

Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett, founder of Helpforce


What’s it like to volunteer?

Volunteering roles are varied, and you will be trained by your hospital to carry out different jobs. From helping patients navigate their way around hospital, collecting prescriptions, supporting someone through discharge, to working in different wards like maternity, emergency departments, and the children’s ward. New volunteer roles are developing all the time, and if you prefer other roles, such as admin, there are many other hospital staff that would welcome your help.

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