Update for all those who pledged to volunteer in our campaign

30th January 2019 | by The team at Helpforce

Thank you to everyone who signed up to volunteer in 2019. We are delighted you are joining us on our mission to bring more volunteers to help the staff, and patients in the NHS. We have no doubt you will make a huge difference to other people’s lives, as well as enriching your own. The campaign in the Daily Mail was a huge success and awoke a spirit of generosity across our country, with 33,000 people ready to give back to our NHS.

What happens next

  • The team at Helpforce are working with NHS organisations, and charity partners in the NHS, to let them know who is interested in volunteering.

  • We will aim to match everyone to a volunteering opportunity closest to your home address, and will email you by the end of February 2019 with an update on this. This email will have ‘prepare to be matched’ in the subject line.

  • It is important that all volunteers are safe and reliable and therefore everyone will go through an application process with the organisation they volunteer with; either a NHS Trust or a local charity that works with volunteers in the NHS. This will involve simple health and criminal record checks, and some organisations may need references from previous employers.

  • We are keen that you everyone can start volunteering as soon as possible, and we are doing everything we can to make sure your journey will be as smooth as possible. Due to the large numbers signed up across many different areas of the country it will take several months for us to complete the process, and we are very grateful for everyone’s patience.

We will stay in touch and email everyone with important updates at every step in their journey.