If you, like us, believe that the incredible people working in our NHS are superheroes, join us to support them. We’re running in the first ever Superhero in the City event in London to raise money to bring more volunteers to our health services. Dress as the superhero you’ve always wanted to be, and take part in this super fun 5k Superhero Run on Thursday June 13th 2019 at 6.55 pm. You’ll run past some of the most iconic locations in London and the world. We would love you to join this event and run with us to support Helpforce and volunteers in healthcare.

Date: 13th June 2019
Time: 6.55pm
Location: City of London
Distance: 5k

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About the run

Enjoy famous landmarks in London as you run!

The run begins on the north side of the river Thames, and as you cross don’t stop too long to check out Tower Bridge, the stunning Shard, and the famous London Eye. You will then follow the river down the vibrant embankment, taking in Shakespeare’s Globe, historic pubs, and busy Borough Market. From there, cross the river at Southwark Bridge and stay close to the north embankment leading up to the Tower of London, returning through the City and St Paul’s Cathedral, over the River Thames.

This is the first Superhero in the City 5k run in central London.  

You will be joining lots of other superheroes on Thursday June 13th 2019 at 6.55pm.

If you are eight years old or over you can enter, and everyone between eight and sixteen will get a free superhero mask, but they must be  accompanied by an adult. For more useful information go to their website, to read the Terms & conditions.