Meet the Helpforce team

Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett, Founder and Chair

“I can imagine a Britain where millions of people are proud to be the Helpforce — a Britain where giving back to the NHS and other public services is ingrained in our social fabric, where you can expect companionship and support through your entire time in the health system, and where communities support nurses and doctors to produce a more complete healthcare experience.”

Paddy Hanrahan, Managing Director

Paddy is responsible for delivering the Helpforce strategy and all of its programmes, reporting to Sir Tom and the Board.

“My personal driver is social change and Helpforce is a fantastic opportunity to help communities as well as support our brilliant NHS. Based on my own volunteering experience, the magic of helping other people is a win-win for all involved and should play a role in all of our lives.”

Katy Goldring, Head of Fundraising & Corporate Affairs

Katy is Tom’s right hand wingwoman and looks after all things fundraising and corporate affairs.

“It is a privilege to work for Helpforce. I sincerely hope that we can encourage as many people as possible to support the NHS and give back to their community. Volunteering is good for you physically and mentally and I passionately believe that we should all do it regularly at some stage of our lives. Just try it, you will love it!”

Kay Fawcett OBE, Education Lead & Clinical Advisor

Kay leads on educational developments for Helpforce along with Lynn Twin. She’s worked in and with the NHS for over 40 years.

“I have been in the NHS all my working life and I am delighted to be involved with such an exciting initiative. I believe that Helpforce can act as a catalyst to extend the impact of volunteering, and drawing on the experience and support of partners they can truly Be the Helpforce.”

Jullie Tran Graham, Head of Impact & Design

Jullie oversees Helpforce’s delivery work with NHS hospital trusts, and leads our thinking on Insight and Impact.

“I’m truly excited about how we can, together, create health in our communities through the power of ‘people helping people’. I’m passionate about understanding how we can best harness (and measure!) the kindness and talents of people who give their time in the service of others.”

Lynn Twinn, Consultant

Focussing on Education of Volunteers and Volunteer Leaders working with Kay Fawcett.

“My passion is around seeing people grow and develop. The fact I have this opportunity to be able to do this within Helpforce and the NHS is very motivating and inspiring.”

Maeve Hully, Development Director, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

“As a  trained nurse I understand the genuine value volunteers can bring to patients families and healthcare. As someone who has volunteered in an NHS hospital  I know how truly  rewarding the experience of volunteering can  be.  We have already had great commitment from health boards in the three countries and I am looking forward to developing them.”

Beth Vaughan, Head of Communications

Beth loves everything to do with communication, especially delivering powerful brands that create social change. She is responsible for the press, pr, branding, website and social media for Helpforce. Please get in touch with her if you have any ideas; email me.

“It is a privilege working for Helpforce. To be part of the change that volunteers can make to our health and care is an exciting mission and one that I believe will have a far-reaching and positive impact on all our lives.”

Desiree Benson, Regional Lead

Desiree supports NHS Trusts in London and the South of England to develop opportunities for all to participate in their communities through volunteering within the NHS.

“As a lifelong volunteer, I am passionate about empowering people through meaningful social action. Having managed nearly 1000 volunteers as a volunteer manager, I greatly enjoy creative approaches to citizenship, finding a role for all within our public services. I am excited to be a part of HelpForce in enabling public participation for health and communities.”

Ben Long, Regional Lead

Ben is working alongside NHS Trusts engaged with Helpforce to enhance volunteering in acute and community settings across the Midlands and East of England.

“Seconded from Royal Voluntary Service as part of the Strategic Partnership, I have seen the power of volunteering first hand and now I want to see it fully integrated along the patient pathway.”

Roz Tinlin, Regional Lead

Roz is working with and supporting Trusts in the North of England to develop volunteer infrastructure; gain valuable insight and impact to enable growth through the power of volunteering.

“I am passionate about volunteering and see the benefits in the NHS and communities. Every day I am inspired by volunteers and everyone involved with care, this is a great opportunity for everyone to get behind the NHS and ‘do your bit’.”

Dr Allison Smith, Head of Strategy & Development (RVS)

Allison is seconded to Helpforce two days a week to support the strategic partnership between Royal Voluntary Service and Helpforce.

“I believe that volunteering can be transformative – for those that give their time, for those that are supported by volunteers, and for organisations that truly embrace ‘the power of volunteering’. Everyday I see extraordinary examples of those that give their time, skills and experience to improve the lives of others and make their communities nicer places to live.”

Christabel Jay, Office Manager & PA

Ensuring Helpforce is ‘tech-ing’ along, being the go-to for the team and PA to Paddy.

“Having gained most of my confidence and experience from a start-up background, it’s a real privilege to be working for Helpforce. Ensuring the office and MD are running smoothly and assisting the delightful team in their shared goal for a collaborative platform with the NHS and ever-growing volunteers.”

Sally Williams, Learning Network Manager

Sally is working with NHS trust colleagues to develop a learning network that is a source of information, stories, research and peer support for leaders of volunteers and their teams within NHS settings.

“Every day I am humbled by the efforts of people who use their skills, time and compassion to help others. Volunteer managers across the NHS are creating opportunities for their volunteers to make a real difference to patients and staff and it is a privilege to work alongside inspirational healthcare professionals towards our shared vision of volunteer support for every patient.”

We’re always on the lookout for bright minds who are passionate about the future of the NHS to join our team. If that sounds like you, why not get in touch.

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